infra4Dfuture is a 24-month project under the H2020 topic of MG-2-4-2018- “Infrastructure Innovation for the Future”. infra4Dfuture will develop a demand-driven overarching strategy and coordination mechanism for the modernization of transport infrastructure including a shared strategic vision on future infrastructure capabilities and common pathways for innovation development and implementation.
Facing a variety of emerging challenges, such as climate change, resilience, ageing infrastructure, maintenance, digitalisation, automation, energy and electrification, the National Transport Infrastructure Authorities (NTIA) have urgent requirements for infrastructure innovation. In view of the long cycle times in infrastructure management and the rapid mounting pressure from these challenges, there is a need for fast delivery of ready-to-implement, cost-effective innovative solutions matching the requirements of the NTIA that jointly build the TEN-T network.
The infra4Dfuture consortium encompasses 20 partners from 17 countries, 19 of them being NTIA, joining forces to develop:
  • a strategic coordination mechanism aiming to deliver a concerted cooperation and collaboration across a portfolio of relevant European and national innovation programmes and initiatives;
  • a shared strategic vision on future infrastructure capabilities, each capability encompassing a series of innovation focus areas for innovation.
infra4Dfuture is based on a sound and coherent consultation and dialogue process with relevant stakeholders. This process will be structured in a sequence of strategic, decision-making conferences and a supporting, tactical sequence of expert workshops and regional events. These will culminate in the founding of the infra4Dfuture Stakeholder Platform for Infrastructure Innovation and Implementation (ISPIII) at the TRA 2020. ISPIII will ensure a continuance of the coordination mechanism and shared vision beyond the duration of the action. Follow-up ISPIII events will take place at the consecutive biannual TRA conferences.
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Title: 1st i4Df Experts Workshop
Date: 25th-26th February 2019
Location: Bergisch Gladbach

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Title: 1st i4Df Stakeholders Conference
Date: 11th December 2018
Location: Brussels

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Title: infra4Dfuture Kick-off meeting
Date: 7th-8th November 2018
Location: Brussels


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Project Coordinator

Peter Wilbers, Rijkswaterstaat

Rijnstraat 8, 2515 XP The Hague, P.O. Box 20901,
2500 EX The Hague, Netherlands



Richard van der Elburg, Rijkswaterstaat

Rijnstraat 8, 2515 XP The Hague, P.O. Box 20901,
2500 EX The Hague, Netherlands




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